Impact of Economic Growth and Population on Environment
Author: Khurram Shahzad

Economic growth, population and environment have been analyzed in this study. Economic growth causes environmental quality to decline in the beginning but later on with increase in economic growth environmental quality increases, U shaped relationship known by Environmental Kuznets Curve. Population is another cause of environmental deterioration. In this study the impact of economic growth and population on environment has been analyzed by considering seven environmental variables. The environmental variables are Forest Area, CO2 emissions, methane emissions, nitrous oxides emissions, PM10, improved water accessibility and improved sanitation accessibility. From developing and developed countries, 26 countries have been selected as per their development stages for four years; 1990, 1995, 2000 and 2005. Forest area, CO2 emissions, methane emissions and improved sanitation are found to have EKC type relationship with economic growth whereas only improved water has U shaped relation. Nitrous oxide emissions and PM10 are positively and negatively related with economic growth respectively. CO2 emissions, methane emissions, nitrous oxide emission, PM10 possess positive correlation with population size whereas improved water and improved sanitation possess negative relation with population size. CO2 emissions, nitrous oxide emissions and PM10 do observe EKC with population size whereas improved sanitation and improved water are observing U shaped relation with Population size. Supervisor:- Dr. Rehana Siddiqui

Meta Data

Keywords : Economic Growth, Environment, Population
Supervisor: Rehana Siddiqui

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