Impact of Cyber loafing on Job Performance and Organizational Citizenship Behavior with Mediating Role of Non-Work Related Presenteeism
Author: Hafsa Iqbal

This study examined the impact of cyberloafing on Job performance, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and the mediating role of non-work related presenteeism. Data was collected in Banking sector based in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Total respondents were 309, and convenience sampling technique was applied. In general respondent show that cyberloafing has nagitive impact on job performance; however, cyberloafing has positive impact on OCB. Non-work related presenteeism mediates between cyberloafing and OCB but does not mediate the relationship between cyberloafing and job performance. Results of our study provide useful insights for researchers and managers in understanding employees’ attitudes towards cyberloafing, and how cyberloafing can increase employees’ work productivity. Supervisor:- Dr. Khurram Shahzad

Meta Data

Keywords : Cyberloafing, Cyberslacking, NWRP and Job Performance, OCB, Social loafing
Supervisor: Khurram Shahzad

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