Impact of Behaviour Change on Health of Patients in Islamabad
Author: Shahzad Jahangir

There are two parts of my findings; Firstly, the quantitative part, the logistic regression results of our model show that health is negatively and significant associated with area of residence while positive and significant associated with education of respondent (Bachelor category), occupation of respondent (Daily wages & agri. labour category), patient‟s behaviour status and patient‟s awareness status. Out of total eight variables, five shows significant results in our econometric model. The result of analysis shows significant and positive relation of health and patient‟s behaviour status. As patient‟s behaviour score and patient‟s awareness score increase more, health will also be improved relatively. Mostly people agreed in survey at the hospital PIMS Islamabad that behaviour has an impact in healthy or not healthy life style in individual and societal level, clearly. On the other hand, the qualitative part, HBGM (Health Behaviour General Model), HBCM (Health Belief Change Model) and Conceptual Framework and Literature Reviews show that behaviour is one of the main cause of physical, mental and social well-being disorders. Here to focus, on social and behaviour part to save our health and wealth as well. Otherwise, we can face loss of health and income/wealth too. Different studies support my findings in different aspects. In public health, HBGM, HBCM and Conceptual Framework can play vital role for saving health cost, improving quality of health and accessing better facilities to individual and society at the same time. Supervisor:- Dr. Fazli Hakim Khattak

Meta Data

Supervisor: Fazli Hakim Khattak

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