How Economic Wellbeing Affected By Internal Conflicts? Asset Losses And Recovery For Displaced Households In Afghanistan.
Author: Muhammad Idrees

A true and real picture of Afghanistan and the Afghan civilians is difficult to be captured in single research work, because of decades of war and continuous internal conflicts. As a result of which every single person is influenced in one way or another and therefore every part of the country is affected badly and has caused losses to every sector. Political instability, a sluggish economy, vast security issues, high crime rate, corruption, and target killings are the true evidence of the war-torn Afghan society. However, this research is to find out the main causes of loss of assets and the possibility of recovery of the asset losses. This research is based on primary data and is therefore mainly focusing on the determinants of asset losses and asset recovery for displaced households due to internal conflicts in Afghanistan. We have employed descriptive statistics which show the percentage information regarding loss of some major assets like human capital, physical assets, financial assets and the percentage information of asset recovery like land, building, vehicle etc. The data depicts that most of the families lost their heads of family in the conflict, which has caused the entire family to suffer the rest of their life in a miserable condition. In the same way loss of physical assets and financial assets has been an unfavourable factor for the economic wellbeing of the Afghan families. In addition to that, the multinomial logistic regression is employed to find out the determinants of asset losses and asset recovery the determinants of most of the variables are significant and are explained in detail in the results section. Supervisor:- Dr. Saud Ahmed Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Saud Ahmed Khan

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