Health Care Provision And Patient Satisfaction: A Case Study Of Two Hospitals In Islamabad Pakistan
Author: Amna Amir

This research has been carried out with the aim to analyze availability, requirement and patient perception concerning health services in selected two hospitals of Islamabad, Pakistan. This analysis work has been carried out at National Engineering And Scientific Commission (NESCOM) hospital Islamabad, and National Development Complex (NDC) hospital Islamabad. This research used original „SERVQUAL‟ instrument so as to search out the Patient‟s perceptions regarding health services delivered to them within these hospitals. For this purpose three service quality dimensions are used in the study; Convenience, Courtesy, and Quality of Care. These dimensions consist of 17 items, having Convenience (6 items), Courtesy (5 items), and Quality of care (6 items).The total size of the population is consisted of 5,000 respondents out of which 200 respondents were selected randomly from NESCOM hospital and 150 respondents selected randomly from NDC hospital. Patients are the respondents of the study. The study findings explains in NESCOM hospital satisfaction level of patients regarding health services availability are slightly better as compared to NDC. However, overall study results concludes that a greater number of patients are availing health services from both hospitals; interpret that good services are delivered to patients by both hospitals. Supervisor:- Dr. Jahangir Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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