Financial Constraints, Inovation, Growth A Inter Provence Firm Level Anylsis in Pakistan
Author: Shajar Hussain

Economist has been still struggling to explain the economic growth and its various drivers. Many econometric model based on the theoretical advancement were introduced from time to time to explore the linkages that explains the economic growth either directly or indirectly. Growth of the different sectors contributes towards the growth of the economy. The major sector is the industrial sector in any economy that is playing the most important role in the overall growth of the economy. Industrial led growth in the most of the developed countries evidenced this stylized fact. The growth of the firms plays a vital role in the economy of any country. The growth of the firm is needed for the existence of the firm in the market as well. The growth of the firm has many considerable effects on the economy and community level. This sheds the light on the factors that have linkages with the growth of the business in an economy. (Bernanke et al. 1998)

Meta Data

Supervisor: Shujaat Farooq
Cosupervisor: Miraj ul Haq

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