Factors affecting promotion and development of Eco-tourism in Sindh: A case study of Gorakh Hill Station
Author: Sajid Ali

Gorakh Hill Station has remained the site of attraction and coldness for the tourists. Since, eco-tourism plays a vital role in socio-economic and cultural advancement of the country as a whole. This study mainly focuses on as how key factors affect promotion and development of eco-tourism at Gorakh hill station. This is very great unfortunate that Gorakh hill has remained less focused in terms of its promotion and development of ecotourism as foreigners and other people of the provinces have little knowledge about Gorakh hill station. The study also aims at how the local residents would get opportunities to get jobs there at Gorakh hill station through successful promotion of tourism. This research employed a qualitative research strategy and the data collection techniques being used that included; semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions. The collection of data was analyzed by using thematic analysis. There prevails the perceptions of people that; majority of them believed that it is need of the time to promote and develop tourism at Gorakh hill station, while few of them realized that their lands would be occupied by the influential and other local people. However, there are several lacks on the part of concerned authority that has remained incompetent and insincere with regards to promotion and development of eco-tourism at Gorakh hill station. In fact, there are numerous factors effecting in the way of promotion and development of eco-tourism. The results of important factors show that no proper development has been observed at the Gorakh. Some recommendations and prospects have also been provided to help the government to promote and develop eco-tourism at Gorakh hill station. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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