Factors Affecting Enrollment and Dropout of Children in Primary Schools in District Hangu
Author: Arif Islam

This research study has three basic objectives which are to investigate the potential factors of dropout rate, to investigate the consequences bred from dropout of children from school, and to assess the influence of parent’s education level on pupil dropout from school at primary education level in KPK Hangu. The study has employed quantitative research methodology considering objectives of this research study. Research strategy is such that this study has used descriptive statistics and regression analysis to draw a conclusion from the collected data. For data collection, structured questionnaire has been used from parents and teachers of children and sample of 180 parents and 135 teachers were randomly selected form the whole area of District Hangu. The study found that there is significant association between dropout rate and teacher education, school environment, school fee and number of students under a single teacher. In other model of parents, the study found that checking the home work of kids (Follow up), absentees and distance to school is highly and significantly associated with dropout from the parent’s perspective. The study concluded that education of parents and behavior of teachers are important for kid’s education at primary level. Punishment and strict school environment increase the chances of kids to get dropout from school. It is recommended that Teacher should frequently contact parents of students and discuss issues with them. Teachers and parents meeting should be conducted on monthly bases to discuss problems of student. So, it is recommended to government, that government should take responsibility to check and balance of teachers and parents through monitoring and this is to ensure that the teachers training on monthly basis, about modern teaching style, checking the behavior of students will help to improve the result of student academic performance and also ensure the parents teachers meeting on monthly basis to discuss issue of students. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhmmad Jehangir Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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