Exploring the Moderating Role of Trust between Social Media and Consumer Brand Engagement in Garment Sector in Islamabad: An Application of Okazaki & Taylor Model
Author: Naeem Ahmad

Social media has turn out to be an important tool which bolsters both, consumer and firm to interact each other and also modernizing the firm’s way of connectivity with consumer. It is a fresh exploration turf and a hasty literature scan shows that this field need to be investigate. So, the current study aimed to investigate social media dimensions (networking capability, image transferability and personal extensibility) either helps or not consumer brand engagement under the moderation of trust. The current study approached 500 hundred people in which 307 responded. This study is quantitative in nature and followed deductive research technique. The data have been collected through questionnaire survey and questionnaire dispersed in Islamabad, Pakistan. The hypothesis were tested by using the multiple regression analysis. This study also used confirmatory factor analysis for robustness check. The results show that explanatory variables i.e. networking capability, image transferability and personal extensibility have positive relationship with consumer brand engagement which was taken as explained variable. The trust in this study used as moderator and strengthen the relationship positively. The findings of study recommended the brands should take in consideration culture factors, technological factors as well as government policies while take decision online marketing Supervisor: Prof Dr. Usman Mustafa

Meta Data

Keywords : Consumer Brand Engagement, Image Transferability, Networking Capability, Personal Extensibility, Trust
Supervisor: Usman Mustafa

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