Exploring The Mediating Role Of Trust Between Eco Label And Consumer Buying Behavior: An Evidence From Islamabad
Author: Wasim Aslam

Since three decades’ environmental concerns have increased rapidly, in current world environmental problems are indispensable in case of burning matters. Consumer buying behavior is not only manipulated with quality and preference of products but consumer also takes in consideration to organic and environmentally friendly products. This study aims to investigate the relationship between eco labels, general environmental beliefs with consumer buying behavior and take trust as mediator between eco label and consumer buying behavior. Eco labels provide the awareness to the people about environmental friendly products, and also differentiate them with conventional products, instead of these products are more expensive as compare to the other products. The Current study is applied in term of different factors such as (target, field survey, collecting information, and result correlation type), and the nature of study is descriptive. The brief questionnaires are used to collect the data from targeted area to examine the research hypothesis, and simple random sampling technique is used. This research is based on population comprised of 307 consumers of eco label products in Islamabad. The results which are exposed shows positive significant relationship between eco label, general environmental beliefs with consumer buying behavior, and trust also indicates the positive impact between eco label and consumer buying behavior. For data analysis different techniques have been used such as correlation analysis, reliability analysis, mediating analysis, missing values analysis, descriptive analysis and frequency distribution by using the SPSS software. Supervisor:- Prof. Dr. Usman Mustafa

Meta Data

Keywords : Eco- Label, General Environmental Beliefs, Trust and Consumer Buying Behavior
Supervisor: Usman Mustafa

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