Exploring the Impact of Attitude Homophily, Physical Attractiveness and Credibility of YouTube Vloggers on Followers Purchase Intention under the Moderation of Parasocial Interaction
Author: Hajira Atta

Today’s world social media plays great part in connecting users with each other, connecting firms with their consumers and facilitate firms so they can easily engage with consumers at one place and in shorter period of time. YouTube a social media platform has become significant, trending and also provide advertising space to companies. The relationship between attributes and purchase intention is well explained in literature. Using media dependency theory, the study proposed model evaluate the impact of vloggers attributes (attitude homophily, physical attractiveness and credibility) on followers purchase intention. The moderated role of parasocial interaction among relationship is often addressed in the apparel segment of Garment sector of Pakistan. This study is quantitative in nature and approach applied is deductive. The three cut points of selecting both male and female Pakistani vloggers: YouTubers who have 30K plus subscribers on their channel, chose influencers who promoted apparel in their videos and consistently uploaded vlogs on YouTube channels. The data of 350 responses was collected through online survey using Google Forms and approaching admins of fan pages. Survey questionnaire used was adopted and adapted as well. The hypothesis was tested by using SmartPLS advance techniques and SPSS. The results of the current study revealed that explanatory variables have significant and positive influence on purchase intention. The parasocial interaction (PSI) moderates relationship between attitude homophily, physical attractiveness and purchase intentions. Whereas, indirect impact of credibility on purchase intention was insignificant. The findings of research are deliberated and implications are provided for the use of influencer in marketing campaign as it became modern way to reached consumers in shorter time. Supervisor:- Dr. Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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