Exploitation and Favouritism in Federal Higher Educational Institutions
Author: Mehreen Abbas

Exploitation and corruption in higher education is a developing idea in the arena of education study in Pakistan. There are some varies aspects of regarding corruption particularly in educational institutions have been address with the passage of time (Heyneman, Noah & Eckstein, Adam Smith, Leila shadab, Lambsdorff, Svensson, Hasnain and Ali). The rigorous systematic research meaningfully could not elaborate influencing factors particularly in the education sector. This research considers disintegratory diversities in exploitation in higher education institution in specific area of Pakistan and that is Capital City of Pakistan “Islamabad”. There are considerable well-reputed higher education intuitions exist and prominent by their publication at international level. There are various types of corruption in a society but favoritism, cronyism and bribery is main objective of this study particularly in higher education institution. Key findings of this study belong to administrative/supportive staff, i.e. 46.5 percent favoritism, 37.5 percent cronyisms and 23 percent bribery qualitatively observed with the help of primary survey from Quaid-e-Azam and National Defense University. The stratified sampling technique is more appropriate with equally distributed two hundred sample in both higher education institutions. Therefore, concluded that strict accountability with fruitful incentive significantly ruined influencing factors. The study dynamisms inside and is taking the perception from the student, faculty and administration about the discretion, does it still present in exist advanced technological era. This research curious about other aspect which has been neglected in the historically such as Public Procurement in the Higher Education Institutions. Supervisor:- Dr. Karim Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Karim Khan

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