Effects Of Literacy On Cost Of Health Care In District Rajanpur
Author: Muhammad Sultan

The main purpose of the study is to assess the effects of literacy on the cost of health care in district Rajanpur, and to determine the association between health literacy and medical cost. The cross-sectional studies were acted in random sample of the population of different areas of District Rajanpur in 2019 according to the monitoring trends and determinants in procedure of effect of literacy in health care. In this study primary and secondary data were used. For primary data questionnaires were designed for compilation of the data. Questionnaire filled from patients and health service providers in hospitals and basic health units at primary level and at Tehsil and district hospitals at secondary level. In these cities of District Rajanpur, Tehsil Jampur and Tehsil Rojhan the literacy level of population is matriculation just completed primary/secondary education level (30.8%), inter to graduate in these areas (16.5%) and master level are (9.3%). But most of the respondents are illiterate (43.4%). There are major portion of the participants have age period of 18-30 years. (27.5%) out of 100%. The educational or other expense often father affords or pays. In this report, the father’s spending percentage is (40.7%). The study shows that in deciding health care spending in Pakistan, socio-economic factors play an important role. Hard efforts and concerted actions by the government, education institutions and health organizations are needed to promote literacy in health care particularly among educated segments of Pakistani society. Supervisor:- Dr. Ayaz Ahmed Co-Supervisor:- Dr. Fazli Hakim Khattak

Meta Data

Supervisor: Ayaz Ahmad
Cosupervisor: Fazli Hakim Khattak

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