Effects of Emotional Intelligence training on Employee outcomes and moderating role of personality: A field experiment
Author: Hamza Ahmed Yasin Abbasi

The major aim of this thesis is to design emotional intelligence training intervention program and to study its effectiveness on employees of development sector by collecting data on pre and post stages .This research also explores the effectiveness of emotional intelligence training on employee outcomes such as job satisfaction and job stress, moreover this study also explore the role of personality as moderator between employee outcomes and emotional intelligence. Total number of training participants were 24 at pre and post stage and data was analysed using SPSS .Results of our study shows that emotional intelligence can be enhanced .Train is possible for every age group people and both male and females can vitalize their emotional intelligence by continuous effort and right training .Our research revealed that job stress can be lowered by increasing emotional intelligence while this research also unveil that there is no significant relationship between job satisfaction and emotional intelligence exists also there is no moderation of personality exists. This study concludes that emotional intelligence can be train and enhance by continuous effort and through relevant intervention also emotional intelligence reduces employees stress related to their jobs. Supervisor:- Dr. Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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