Effect of Diet Diversity & Socio Economic Status on Expecting Women Health using LR, LDA & CART
Author: Farah Nagar Kanwal

The Study Investigate The Factors Which Affect The Health Of Expecting Females By Using Logistic Regression, Linear Discriminant Analysis, And Classification And Regression Tree Analysis (Cart). Our Data Have 177 (51.91%) Females Belonging To 2nd Trimester And 164 (48.09 %) From 3rd Trimester. The Objective Of The Study Is To Investigate Whether Different Socio-economic Characteristics Of Expecting Females Affect The Hemoglobin (Hb) Level And Weight Gain Per Week. We Have Done This Analysis By Lr, Lda, And Cart For Comparing These Three Classification Methods By Roc Curve Analysis. Pre-bmi Affects Hemoglobin Level Of Females And Its Estimated Value Is (+0.528) With P-value (0.000172) By Lr. Our Results Show That Classification Tree Is The Best Fit For The Data And Area Under The Roc Curve Is (0.65). Diet Diversity Score And Pre-bmi Affect The Women Weight Gain During Pregnancy And Gives Highly Significant Results (+0.5619) And (-0.3290) Respectively With P–value (0.05) And (0.005), Respectively, Using Ordered Logit Model. Classification Tree Analysis Gives Good Prediction When Using The Random Forest Technique To Reduce The Misclassification Error. We Also Use The Classification Tree That Is Good Approach Both For Non-parametric And Non-linear Methods. Supervisor:- Dr. Zahid Asghar

Meta Data

Keywords : CART, Diet Diversity, LDA, LR, Socio Economic, Women Health
Supervisor: Zahid Asghar

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