Dynamics Of Specialized Training Programs For Civil Servants In Pakistan: A Case Study Of Information Service Academy, Islamabad
Author: Sohaib Ahmad Barlas

The civil service of a country forms a part of its executive setup. It is responsible for assisting the government in policy formulation and implementation. Therefore, it is imperative that they have the required skills for carrying out their job effectively. This study is focused on the Information Group, an integral part of the Civil Service of Pakistan. The purpose of the study was to see the relevance of the Specialized Training Program (STP) of the Information Group with the duties assigned to the group under the Rules of Business 1973. The study used a mixed-method approach based on semi-structured interviews and questionnaire to obtain the data. The data from interviews was analysed using narrative analysis, while the questionnaire data was analysed using simple descriptive statistics. The findings revealed several shortcomings in the different aspects/modules of STP impacting overall performance of the officers. The insufficient budgetary provisions have also been found impairing the faculty’s ability to run the STP on modern lines. Based on the findings, the study puts forward recommendations to address the deficiencies in the overall scheme of training. The study is expected to generate further in-service debate and interest leading towards further capacity building of the officers, and subsequent improvement in the service delivery. Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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