Do IMF Programs Benefit or Hurt Economic Growth in Pakistan?
Author: Ameet Kumar

This study aims to provide the empirical evidence of effects of International Monetary Fund (IMF) programs on Pakistan’s. The study uses a time series data for analyzing the IMF program impact on the budget deficit, government revenue, expenditure and economic growth in Pakistan over the time period of 1980 to 2019. For this purpose, the time series techniques are implied. Firstly, the study checked the stationarity of the variables through unit root tests by Augmented Dicky Fuller (ADF) and Phillips Perron (PP). The bound test and ARDL methodologies are also used in this study. The findings of the study further explore the long run relation among the budget deficit, growth of total revenue, growth of total expenditure on IMF dummy. The results show that IMF programs are negatively affected by GDP growth. Supervisor:- Dr. Naseem Faraz

Meta Data

Supervisor: Naseem Faraz

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