Disaggregated Energy Consumption, Industrial Output and GDP A Co-integration Analysis
Author: Hanan Ishaque

This study analyzes the impact of disaggregate energy consumption on GDP, industrial output and agriculture output, separately, has been empirically tested using time series data from 1972-2010. The study uses ARDL approach to cointegration. The major findings of the study are; electricity consumption has no long run relationship with the GDP while positively affects GDP in the short run only. Oil and gas consumption has positive relationship with GDP in the long run while coal consumption has positive cointegration with GDP but with a small magnitude. When the impact of disaggregate energy on industrial output is analyzed, it is found that electricity and gas consumption has a positive long run relationship with GDP while Oil consumption has a connection with industrial output only in the short run. Coal consumption is found to have no linkage with industrial output both in shot run and long run. The existence of cointegration between disaggregated energy consumption and agricultural output was ruled out by the bounds test. Supervisor:- Dr. Hasan M. Mohsin

Meta Data

Supervisor: Hassan Muhammad Mohsin

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