Digital Divide and E-governance in Pakistan; Factors Affecting the Citizen Portal App Pakistan
Author: Irtaza Raza

The Government of Pakistan has in 2018 launched Citizen Portal App an android/IOS based complain lodging system. Motive behind this technology intervention was to get rid of the traditional obsolete method of physically reaching a government department and lodging complaint and bringing e-governance for ensuring good governance. The app covers the entire jurisdiction of Pakistan and is available for overseas Pakistanis to use. Like every initiative, the success of the project depends upon the adoption, implementation and impact it brings. This research has analyzed the issues in adoption, factors affecting the adoption and user satisfaction/experience of the application and the government officials managing the complaints received. This qualitative study conducts interviews with citizens who have used the application, regarding their experience, with the government focal person to get insight from public officials regarding the app and brief interviews were conducted with random sampling done for one data set to know how many knew about the app, and what were the reasons for it. This study explores the reason why people are using the app, and what are the reasons affecting their feedback of the app and what can be done so masses use it and how the experience can be effective for all. This study recommends mass awareness among citizens about the presence and the use of the app, cutting back the redressal time of complaints and making government officials more accountable for the successful implementation of the project. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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