Digging Into The Drivers Of Underdevelopment Of Balochistan
Author: Kamal Uddin

Geographically, Balochistan is a province with vast land and scattered population as compare to the rest of the provinces of Pakistan. Disconnectedness of regions leads to underdevelopment and increases unemployment. Lack of infrastructure impact the overall production which increases gap in the standard of living in different regions. The political culture and politics in Balochistan are different as compare to other provinces. There is Sardari system in the remote areas of Balochistan and every tribe is having their own tribal leader which also happens to be the leader of a political party. There is lack of unity among the tribal leaders hence there exists a division in the political system of province. This research has Qualitative approach to analyze the phenomenon of underdevelopment in Balochistan. To achieve this objective, published material and data is used to measure the extent of underdevelopment of Balochistan. According to the need of the topic, Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) is utilized to critically uncover and interrogate different dimensions and inequalities in the society. Furthermore, qualitative data analysis is undertaken by conducting Key Informant Interviews of different stakeholders from Balochistan, which have direct link with process of the development of Balochistan. Findings suggest that the tribal leaders are part Balochistan politics, so, the central government must promote the culture of consultations and negotiations with all around the level, such as negotiations with the tribal leaders and insurgents bring them to the mainstream and provide them legal opportunities. Government should promote positive image of their policies. Supervisor:- Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

Meta Data

Supervisor: Iftikhar Ahmad

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