Dharna Based Political Unrest And Investment Conundrum: A Case Study Of Islamabad
Author: Hafiz Yasir Saleem


Political unrest is defined as a state of widespread unrest and protest that is frequently accompanied by general strikes, large-scale protests, and disruptions of regular corporate operations. Many individuals, employees from unions, or members of political parties may participate in order to express their concerns about perceived injustices. This research examines the impact of Dharna based political unrest on investment dynamics in Islamabad, Pakistan, across different time periods by analyzing historical context and contemporary dynamics. The study aims to provide insights into challenges and opportunities faced by investors. The protests and political unrest in Islamabad have had significant economic consequences on investment and businesses. This research highlights how Dharnas (sitins)

and protests often driven by political grievances and demands, disrupt business operations, discourage investor confidence and create uncertainty in the investment environment. Investors face a conundrum when navigating the risks associated with instability, balancing potential return against the volatility of socio-political landscape. The main objective of this research is to investigate the possible factors that are contributing to the economic consequences of protests in Capital, such as the duration and intensity of the protests, the specific demands of the protesters, and the response of the government. Through a combination of Mixed Method techniques such as interviews and surveys, the research provides a comprehensive analysis of the patterns, trends, and characteristics observed in investment behavior during periods of political unrest. The results reveal significant challenges, including citywide business closures due to road blockades and substantial daily losses for small investors during political sit-ins, especially in prominent markets.

Meta Data

Keywords : Gross domestic Product, Investment Behavior, law and order, Political Parties, Political Unrest, Sit-in, Violence
Supervisor: Mehmood Khalid

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