Defining Power From The Perspective Of Powerless
Author: Ishrat


This research explores the unseen lives of Ismaili women in the beautiful area of Hunza, with the overarching goal of redefining the notion of power from the viewpoint of the seemingly helpless. This study, which takes a feminist point of view, questions long-held assumptions about women’s place in society by highlighting the strength, agency, and outstanding accomplishments of Ismaili women. They speak up with bravery, resilience, and transformational acts via in-depth interviews and engaging storytelling, showing a route to empowerment that goes beyond cultural norms. This insightful investigation provides a fresh perspective through which to understand and appreciate the power that exists within traditionally marginalized groups.

Meta Data

Keywords : Caste, Ethnicity, Gender gap, Marginalization, Maternal Health, Patriarchal society, Political affairs, Power dynamics, Sectarian Gap, Socio-economic Status
Supervisor: Fida Muhammad

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