customer Relationship Management abilities — Measurement, Antecedentsand Consequences
Author: Taimoor Siddique

The purpose of this study to understand the current market trend and the use of the CRM capabilities which explains the current scenarios. For this purpose, the questionnaire is developed to understand the market and uses of the CRM in their daily operations and the benefits which they gain form that. As the scope of the study increase multiple other features include in it and more advances the studies. The differences of the international and local firm in their operation also understand from their CRM uses and market benefits. The understanding and nature of the market also advances the study by adding the other detail features. My study only gives the detail know how about the market in the twin cities of Pakistan operates and the organization present and working in this region whether local or international. Supervisor:- Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Keywords : customer Relationship Management
Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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