Cost Of Flood And Its Mitigation Strat Egies: A Case Study Of District Char Sadda Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Author: Muhammad Isa Khan

Floods are one of the most devastating natural disasters, which takes down houses, schools and other infrastructures and life as a whole. The research area of the study was district Charsadda which is highly vulnerable to floods. In Charsadda, floods have caused a significant amount of losses to the households and businesses. The objective of the study is to determine what factors affect mitigation measures and cost of flood at household’s level. A hypothesis was laid down that age, gender, education, distance, ownership, house type, family size and value of assets has significant effect on mitigation strategies of flood. Also that cost of flood has association with education, distance, ownership, house type, family size and value of assets. The study was conducted using the primary data, which were collected through questionnaires from dwelling units, along the side of river banks. A sample of 160 households was collected from four villages of district Charsadda and analyzed through Poisson and OLS regression models. Mitigation measures varies from 1 to 8 whereas on average three mitigation measures have been adopted by households. For paved house 1 is used and zero is used for unpaved houses. 51% of the houses are paved. The average distance from river bank is 231 meters. 33% of houses were owned while 67% were rented. Education level; was poorly low across the region, on average 6 years of schooling was recorded. Among mitigation measures mostly used were elevated ground floor and canals and drainage cleaning which were 73.24% and 88% used by households respectively. The average cost of dikes by a household were Rs.3534 and average upscale of ground level height were Rs.0.259465 million. Poisson results indicate significant pos-itive relationship of paved house owners, male household heads, increase in distance from river and higher education level with mitigation measures against flood. Whereas OLS shows significant positive relationship of cost of flood with value of assets, distance and education level in the region. The study found that situating houses on banks of rivers will cost significant losses to the household economy. The study found that paved house struc-tured households have faced less damages and lower cost against floods hits. Supervisor:- Dr. Abedullah

Meta Data

Supervisor: Abedullah Anjum

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