Concept of Time and its Allocation to Socio-cultural and Economic Activities among Hijra Community: A Case Study of Islamabad
Author: Safdar Ali

Hijras are living in Pakistan since Independence Day. Mostly they live in urban areas in the forms of groups. They live as chellas under the supervision of Gurus. They are exploited and marginalised by every member of society even by their families and close relatives. In this way they start to live in groups with other people like them. These people live in their own ways by following the instructions of gurus. They ask for badhai (money) on the birth of male baby and also ask for alms (toly). They perform in functions and involve in prostitution for the earning of their livelihood. These people arrange parties for celebration in their community. They also arrange their routine life to perform things (activities of routine life) on their specific time. This study investigates the given phenomenon with some specific objectives. These objectives involve arrangement of activities according to time and allocation of time to some activity. Performance of activities on specific time and importance of time in the lives of hijras are also the objectives of this study. Qualitative methods are used in this study for the answer of questions. Thematic analysis is used for the analysis of data in this research. Findings of this study show that hijras arrange their activities according to time and also perform those activities on specific allocated time. They arrange activities according to availability of their fellows, availability of money, by following religious and economic values and also by following the instructions of gurus. They arrange their activities for the earning of high income and for survival in society. Earning has much more importance in their lives because they are not hired for jobs and also have not access to other resources through which they can earn. Due to lack of opportunities hijras are wasting their times in less important activities. They are willing to do something productive if opportunities are given to them. This study also has some key recommendations. It is recommended in this study that there should be opportunities for hijras so that they can show their abilities. It is also recommended that people should change their attitude towards hijras. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Keywords : Badhai, Chella, Guru, Parties, Socio-Cultural and Economic, Time, Toly
Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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