Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Educational Institutions: A case Study of District Rajanpur
Author: Fazeela Aziz Baloch

Education is the key to enlighten the human being on the earth and is compulsory for males and females to get it for understanding and surviving in the world. This study mainly focuses on the comparative analysis of public and private educational institutions in district Rajanpur. It is unfortunate that public educational institutions provide lower quality education as compared to private educational institutions with minimal focus in the literature. Furthermore, the study also aims to recommend policies for the improvement of the quality of public education institutions to improve children’s learning outcomes. For this purpose, we used qualitative data collection techniques such as: semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions. We collected data from students, teachers, principals and parents. The collected data was analyzed and summarized into themes and in tabular forms. The results show that there are vast differences in the quality of public and private schools. Results also show huge differences between public and private students’ ability due to numerous factors that create differences. It is perceived that it is high time to revolutionize the public education provision to realize an equal education quality for children in public institutions. The public institutions remain incompetent and insincere and fails to provide quality education to their students. Some applicable recommendations have also been suggested to improve the quality education for public schools in district Rajanpur. Supervisor:- Dr Muhammad Jahangir Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Development in Education, Education system, Private Educational Institutions, Public Educational Institutions, Quality Education
Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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