Community Empowerment: A Study Of Community Driven Local Development (CDLD) Program
Author: Miraj Uddin

This research contributes to literature in the ways. Firstly, based on researcher’s knowledge, no prior research has been carried out to analyze the concept of community empowerment with respect to the Community Driven Local Development (CDLD) policy, initiated in 2013 by the KP government. Secondly, it discusses the organizational spheres of community empowerment in eastern culture. Most of the prior studies on this topic are carried out in western cultures. Therefore, this research qualitatively explored four organizational spheres of community empowerment including Activation of Community, Community Competence Development, Program Management Skills and Creation of Supportive Environment. The researcher followed qualitative methods for data collection and consequent analysis. Phenomenology strategy was used where both in-depth interviews and focus ground discussion were conducted. The data was further analyzed using inductive approach. The findings show that there is a general agreement among the recipients of this program on the four organizational domains and their responses offers positive outlook. It has several implications. The inclusion of the organizational domains within the CDLD policy primarily suggests that this policy possess features of community empowerment process. Their views collectively represent a positive outlook concerning these domains and have subsequently defined the practice that they consider motivating and empowering in these domains. It means that this policy has progressed successfully in the context of organizational domains of community empowerment, and also indicates that the process of empowerment in recipient communities has been initiated. Furthermore, it is also showing that this policy is in line with the best standards and shares the characteristics that are deemed essential for the program that aim to empower community. Based on the above points, this study concludes that this program possesses the ability to be an effective instrument for community empowerment. Supervisor:- Dr. M. Jehangir Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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