Combining Stock Anomalies and Technical Rules: An Empirical Study for Pakistan Stock Exchange
Author: Sundas Iftikhar

From many years, technical analysis and anomalies are helping investors. Technical analysis divides the time period in such a way that investor get the idea when to buy and when he should sell and anomalies are strange patterns present in stock market which help the investor to earn excess returns. This study focuses on the concept of merging the two concepts: technical rule and anomalies to get the maximum returns out of one’s investment. By combining the both concept, buy and sell signals are generated which helps the investors when to buy the stocks when they should sell. The rules used in this study are: Moving average (1,200), January effect and turn of the month effect. Daily stock returns for Pakistan for the time span of Twenty- six years has been selected i.e. from January 1,1991 to December 24,2016. Due to the presence of ARCH effect in the data GARCH (1,1) model was used. To further investigate the effect of combining the rules in different periods, the data is divided into four sub parts: Financial Liberalization and Restructuring phase (1993-2000), Pre-financial crises (2001-2006), financial crises (2007-2009) and after financial crises (2010-2016). The empirical finding of this study shows that it is beneficial to combine stock market anomalies. Supervisor:- Dr. Abdul Rashid

Meta Data

Keywords : Returns, Stock anomalies, Stock Market Expectedness, Technical rules
Supervisor: Abdul Rashid

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