Assertive Environmentle Advertising And Reactance: Compartive Analysis Of Pakistan And China
Author: Aamir Ali

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the reactance behavior of Pakistanis and Chinese respondents towards the environmental advertising campaigns featuring assertive and non-assertive messages. Specifically this study considered whether environmental advertisers who use assertive language can assume to have changing persuasive impacts. Reactance towards assertive and non-assertive messages was measured through post-test experimental design where by one group was exposed to assertive messages and other group was exposed to non-assertive message. The experiment was conducted in federal higher education institutions of Pakistan and China. It was identified that Chinese and Pakistani are equally persuaded by the assertive and nonassertive messages. While the overall effect of this study also explain that Chinese are more persuaded by assertive messages then their Pakistani counterparts. This study would be helpful in the design of advertising campaigns for environment protection in CPEC regime. Supervisor:- Dr. Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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