Challenges of Local Government Service Delivery: A Case Study of Punjab
Author: Mah Noor

The purpose of this research is to probe the challenges facing local bodies in Punjab with reference to service delivery. In this regard, data was collected on three dimensions of service delivery i.e. institutional capacities, decision space and accountability with the help of in-depth interviews from four groups of people namely local representatives, academia, journalists and development sector. Further, for this research two districts of Punjab i.e. Multan and Gujrat were selected. Findings of the research show that owing to the existing inadequate human and financial resources, local bodies could not perform efficiently. Again, overdue interference from upper tiers and inadequate political and financial empowerment has handicapped the performance of local bodies. The study focused on the correlation of the authority devolved to the grass root level and responsibility assigned to them for dispensation of public amenities. Further, it also envisaged the framework of checks and balances enabling public empowerment in its true sense. If the loopholes in the justice system are plugged, accountability can easily be ensured. In Pakistan, we tried several systems were adopted for service delivery but none of them were allowed to develop. Discontinuity of democratic system at regular intervals may be taken as a reason for this but considering current developments in the country, one may hope that the things will turn out in nation’s favor. Supervisor:- Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

Meta Data

Keywords : Challenges of Local Government, LOCAL GOVERNMENT, Local Government Service Deliver in Pakistan, Local Government Service Delivery
Supervisor: Iftikhar Ahmad

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