Causes and Consequences of Illegal Emigration: A Case Study of District Swat
Author: Abdul Wahab

Researcher tried to find out the causes and consequences of illegal emigration through qualitative research methodology. The locale for this study District Swat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The study aims to identify the causes and consequences of illegal out-migration. Data is collected through semi-structured interviews. The respondents were divided in four units of data collection which are successful illegal emigrants, failed illegal emigrants, family of illegal emigrants and the graduate students. Thematic analysis is used for the analysis of collected data from the respondents. The findings divulge that there are different reasons which motivated people towards illegal emigration like unemployment, poverty, insecurity and family reunification while the consequences of illegal-emigration are problems during illegal migration like food and water, family crises (financial and emotional), job opportunities in destination country as well as asylum. The perception of people about illegal migration included, process of illegal migration and decision of illegal migration. This study covers the causes, consequences, decision and perception of illegal migration. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Jehangir Khan Co-Supervisor:- Mr. Muhammad Aqeel Chaudhry

Meta Data

Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan
Cosupervisor: Muhammad Aqeel Chaudhry

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