Assessing the Impact of Zig-Zag Technology on Physical Health of Local Residents: A Case Study of District Lahore
Author: Aneeqa Rehman

Air pollution is an important element that is influenced by Climate. When air quality is reduced it directly affects the human health as well as the ecosystems. Many studies have indicated that climate change affects the air quality. The two main effects of climate on air quality is lessening the removing processes as well as increasing the atmospheric chemistry. The connection between human health and air quality is direct. People living in the areas which are polluted are more prone to respiratory diseases as well as skin infections as compared to people living in an area where the air quality is good. Carbon dioxide and black carbon are the one of the main gases which pollutes the environment, affects the climate change and bricks kilns are the primary source of it. Brick kilns affects the human health and degrades the air quality due to consumption of coal. In this study we have examined the effects of Zig-Zag technology on human health as compared to conventional brick kiln. We have taken the case study of district Lahore where this technology has been placed. The sample we chose of our respondents was 150 in which our control group was non brick kiln area and our treated group was Zig-Zag and conventional brick kilns with the radius of 3km. The survey identified that the people living near conventional brick kilns are more likely to be affected by a disease than the people living in Zig-Zag or non-brick kiln area. Supervisor:-Dr. Muhammad Nasir

Meta Data

Supervisor: Muhammad Nasir

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