Assessing The Impact Of Industrial Activities On The Local Fishing Community In Gwadar
Author: Abdul Wadood

Developmental projects are backbone of the economy. World economies are in dire need to initiate development projects which should comprises of connectivity by roads, highway, railways and different special economic zones to create employment opportunities to increase living standard and improve socioeconomic condition of the people to reduce poverty. According to Bhattacharya (2012), regional infrastructure increase the standard of living and reduce poverty by connecting different places and people with major economic hubs and markets, narrowing gap of development among regions. Infrastructure development is the first step towards attainment of sustainable economic growth and development. Obviously economic corridors lead to economic growth and development but it has inverse relationship with environment. According to Laurance (2001), 95% of forest degradation and fire burn occur around 50 km near road side. Corridors also polluted environment through chemical and nutrient pollution. Infrastructure development may also effect environment positively. The positive impact of economic corridors on environment may include the use of uncultivated land due to passage of corridors through that area, providing access to different areas of land where human access was not possible to utilize that piece of land. This could generate job opportunities for those who are relying on activities that are harmful for environment such as hunting and deforestation for livelihood or use it as a source of energy. CPEC projects will also have positive and negative impacts on environment. Aggregate positive and negative impacts are discussed in the above paragraph. In the current context a very important positive impact could be the preserving of fish stock at Gwadar through shift the fishing labor to industrial sector. More than 90% of the population in Gwadar relies on fish hunting which has resulted in the depletion of fish stock and is a threat to the livelihood of the poor fishermen (Gwadar profile, 2016). Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Nasir

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Supervisor: Muhammad Nasir

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