A Phenomenological Study Ofaging Among Transgender: A Case Study Of District Kasur
Author: Shammouna Mehik

This ethnographic research is about the aging issues among transgender. Ageism is known as discrimination and stereotyping against aged person. Transgender person is considered as neither male or female or a combination of both male and female. Transgender population being marginalized community in Pakistan has to face multiple problems (religious practices, socioeconomic, psychological and health) with the increase in age. In this view, this research elaborates impacts of aging among transgender in multi-locales of district Kasur. Current research tries to dig out the impact of aging on the religious practices and rituals of transgender. It elaborates the educational, socio-economic, socio-psychological and medical impacts of aging among transgender. Therefore, Case studies method, In-depth interviews, focus group discussions helped to obtain reliable and valid data. This research was based on qualitative methods. The sample comprised of thirty-five aged transgender with age above 50 years was selected through snowball sampling techniques. The result indicates that usually aged transgenders were living in extremely alarming situations. Finding indicates that most of the older transgender profession was beggary. Transgender fall into the category of low income. Most of transgender health status was unpleasant due to lack clothes and sanitation system because they lived in the side areas of the city due to gender non-confirming. The study suggests further work on aged transgender people. Supervisor:- Dr. Usman Ahmad Co-supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Jahangir khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Usman Ahmad
Cosupervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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