Why Youth Joins Militancy? The Case Of Mohmand Agency (fata)
Author: Zia Ullah

This study assesses various factors responsible for pushing youth towards militancy in Mohmand Agency. Moreover, impact of collective responsibility (arrest, fine) on tribal youth was also assessed. To this end, primary data was used and a sample of 268 respondents was taken. Primary data was taken through questionnaire covering demographic information, educational background, literature, family, area & social background and legal system of FATA. According to the perceptions of the respondents, 92 percent of the respondents reported that lack of education is playing vital role in pushing militancy. About 68 percent responded that militancy was boosted by school closure and 87 percent responded that there is religious influence. However, 25 percent were of the view that militancy was boosted by religious education. Furthermore, 71 percent responded that militancy increased due to tense class relation while 87 percent thinks that militancy was contributed more by unemployment. More than 88percent were not satisfied with arrest under collective responsibility and 90 percent responded that fine imposed under collective responsibility is unfair. About 75 percent were of the view that local join militant due to injustice under collective responsibility and 72 percent were in favor of constitution‘s extension rather having FCR. Overall illiteracy was ranked high for increased militancy. Based on the results of this study, it is recommended that the local people should be educated to reduce the increasing trend of youth towards militancy. Government also needs to regulate both religious and non-religious literature to have more balanced and pluralistic society. FATA can‘t be handle with current poor governance and especially under the outdated laws like FCR. There is strong demand from local people for the extension of parliament legislation to FATA. Supervisor:- Dr. Anwar Hussain

Meta Data

Keywords : FATA, Militancy in Mohmand Agency
Supervisor: Anwar Hussain

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