Why People Do Not Vote? Major Influencing Factors; A Case Study of Islamabad
Author: Raheel

This study aims to examine the reasons and factors that influence non-voting intentions of individuals living in Islamabad. The study has collected the data through questionnaires, where 200 respondents as a sample size is included. The study has used binary logistic regression model as the dependent variable was in binary form. The study revealed that there is a significant relation between age of respondents and vote casting intentions but there is no relationship between distance and vote casting intentions, but displaced individuals are not intended to cast their vote as they can’t manage the time due to schedule conflict. Higher level income community is also not intended to vote because of high opportunity cost. Finally, the study found that trust on system is highly significant to generate willingness to vote for election 2018. Supervisor:- Dr. Anwar Shah

Meta Data

Keywords : ELECTIONS, Trust on system, Voter Turnout, Voting Intentions
Supervisor: Anwar Shah

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