Value Proposition under CPEC: A Case Study of Marble Industry of Pakistan
Author: Abdul Wahab

The basic objectives of this study is to signify the main gaps or obstacles in progress of marble industry of Pakistan. The qualitative research method was opted to achieve the objectives of the research. Twenty key informant interviews were conducted by using thematic analysis. Data collection was done by unstructured interviews. Pakistan marble industry in famous in high reserve of precious marble of different types and colors. From research finding Pakistan marble industry is facing several challenges and issues. These challenges are very severe that Pakistan marble industry needs a lot of attention and development by government. From the very beginning of the process of marble mining, mines are leased. Leasing of mines is facing very corruption as there is not any proper policy by government for leasing of mines. Major reserves of marble are in tribal areas of Pakistan. Tribal areas of Pakistan are highly undeveloped and there is no law and order. Contractor extract marble from these areas with very cheap procedures that cause major part of marble to waste. They use out dated technology like blasting and unskilled cheap labor. Government is not showing interest in this sector and have not make any proper polices for marble industry Supervisor:- Prof. Dr. Usman Mustafa

Meta Data

Keywords : Challenges of CPEC, Opportunities, Strengths, Value proposition, Weaknesses
Supervisor: Usman Mustafa

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