The Role of Women in Agriculture: A Case Study of Village Aliabad, Central Hunza
Author: Nida Ali

The aim of this study is to explore “The Role of Women in Agriculture: A Case Study of Village Aliabad, Central Hunza”. The main object of the study is to inspect the present status of women’s participation in agriculture. To finds the major cause of exit of men from production and women’s increasing role in agriculture. To study the problems and challenges faced by women of Aliabad in agriculture. To examine the role of different organizations in agricultural activities. The data has been collected from the women farmers, heads of household, working women and some employees of organizations who were working there for boosting agricultural production. Semi-structure interviews were conducted for the study and results showed that women play a crucial role in agriculture. Varieties of activities that include pre-harvesting, to post-harvesting, to livestock production, all these activities were being performed by women. The results of the study indicate that women spend most of their time in performing productive activities that support their families economically. Despite all the hard-work the role in decision making was insignificant and faced some major constraints such as time management, water shortage and health condition. The findings show that the contributing factor that leads women to work in farms is their passion to work, to share the burden of their men in terms of money and the importance of land due to which they can’t leave the land barren. And also, in my study there were few supporting organizations that helped women in promoting their role in agriculture through modern tools and techniques to increase the agricultural production. But these organizations didn’t focus on some issues that women farmers faced while performing their duties due to limited budget. It is suggested that Governments should provide funds to Agricultural Department, so they can help farmers regarding the constraints they are facing while perform their agricultural tasks. Since women alongside men work from dawn to dusk to reduce poverty so it is necessary to empower women so that they can work without any hesitation and problem to improve the country’s economy and to reduce poverty. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Agricultural activities, Agriculture, Agriculture organizations, Household, Working-Women
Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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