The Role of HR as a Strategic Partner in the Development of the Organization A Case Study on Telecom Industry of Pakistan
Author: Misbah S. Ansari

HR is born with ancient Chinese history. To be more specific, successful HR practices were used by ancient armies and rulers. Over time, as HR professionals in a new business paradigm must be redefined took a very difficult task for the next millennium, HR managers. HR professionals need to make a strategic analysis of the changes in the business environment. Resource development and retention of human resources is one of the goals in the modern organization. It is developing resources globally and provides a framework for maintaining them. Due to the diversity of industries it is a blessing and a curse globalization. To address diversity and assure the success of the organization will be to figure out how to develop human resources, organizational primary concern of HR managers. . Human resources are an important part of organizational development. If they can anticipate and prepare the company’s vision of the future business world need each section lead? Human resource development is the transformation of the company to achieve excellence in organization. Supervisor:- Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Strategic Partner
Supervisor: Nadeem Ahmed Khan

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