The Impact Of Pluralistic Legal System On Women’s Development In Pakistan: Locales Rawalpindi And Islamabad
Author: Umme Ramla Sarwer

This document is the product of field research as well as desk review conducted between Fall 2016 to Spring 2018. The thesis of the dissertation has pluralistic legal system comprising secular laws, sharia laws and customary laws. The dissertation argues that owing to the existence of this pluralistic legal system the operational efficiency of Pakistani domain of law has been very adversely affected. It is also argued that the presence of pluralistic legal system has lethal consequences for Pakistani women related issues like marriage, divorce, child custody etc. The document also tends to show that pluralistic legal system in Pakistan is working as an obstacle in the way of women’s development. The primary data has been collected through unstructured interviews, semi- structured interviews, case studies and focus group discussions. The dissertation has also analysed women related laws in Pakistan and the analytical tools in this domain has been critical Discourse analyses (CDA). Supervisor:- Dr. Huma Haque

Meta Data

Keywords : Gender, Pluralistic legal system, Women development, women in Islamic law
Supervisor: Huma Haque

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