The Impact Of Entrepreneurial Traits On Entrepreneurial Success With Moderation Of Business Environment: A Case Study Of Pakistan
Author: Sultan Zeb

To date, knowledge of the relationship between entrepreneurial traits, and entrepreneurial success is fragmented. Therefore, this study inspects the impact of entrepreneurial traits on entrepreneurial success under the moderation of business environment in marble manufacturing businesses operating in Buner KPK Province, Pakistan. In order to do this, we used SPSS analysis on data collected from 213 small-scale mineral-based marble manufacturing units in district Buner to examine these possible effects. Firstly, we identified that the five dimensions of entrepreneur traits (need for achievement, locus of control, self-efficacy, innovativeness and risk taking propensity) are dimensions of entrepreneur traits. Secondly, we found that entrepreneurial traits have a significant effect on the success of entrepreneurs. Locus of control, self-efficacy positive and significant correlation with entrepreneurial success while need for achievement and innovativeness have negative and significant association with entrepreneurial success, while risk taking propensity is insignificant in marble manufacturing in Buner marble sector. The moderation of business environment is marginal between entrepreneurial traits and entrepreneurial success. The only existing moderation is between need for achievement and entrepreneurial success. While the moderation between locus of control, self-efficacy, innovativeness, risk taking propensity and entrepreneurial success does not exit and it is due to the reason that Buner is a tax free zone and government intervention is less in that area. Supervisor:- Dr. Nadeem Ahmed Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Buner-Pakistan, Business Success, Entrepreneur Traits
Supervisor: Nadeem Ahmed Khan

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