The Effect of Awareness of Health and Safety Standards and Management Attitude on Employee’s Productivity in Hattar Industrial Estate
Author: Syed Asfand Yar Shah

This study examine the importance of the occupational health and safety (H&S) standards in the industries and its effect on the employee’s productivity. Main objective of the study is to examine the awareness and understandings of the employees on the H&S standards and management attitude of the managers on giving the extra effort in implementing the policies of health and safety to the employees and their effect on the employee productivity. For this purpose employees of the Hattar Industrial Estate were interviewed for the collection of the data. Questionnaire and interviews were taken from the management and employees of different industries. Quantitative research design, Correlation and Regression Analysis method is used for the collection of the data and for testing the hypothesis of the study. Total number of sample size used for the study is 305 which include 270 employees and 35 management staff of the different industries. Results of the study shows that employee understanding and management attitude has positive relationship between on employee productivity while employee awareness also positively and significantly associated with the employee productivity. On the basis of the results some recommendation are made to the management staff that they should provide the better environment for employees in the workplace. Industries management should continuously reviews their health and safety policies to make them up to date for the employees. Supervisor:-Dr. Saud Ahmed Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Employee Awareness, Employee productivity, Employee Understandings, Management Attitude, Quantitative Method, Regression Analysis
Supervisor: Saud Ahmed Khan

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