The Disposition to Become an Entrepreneur: A Case Study of Youth of Pakistan
Author: Aqsa Rana

A large body of research summarizes that entrepreneurship is a new mechanism towards economic growth and economic activities in developing economies. Over the past decade the attention of policy makers and economists shifts towards the entrepreneurial activities because entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the economic growth. In this framework, this study is conducted to examine the role of youth in entrepreneurial activities as a factor of economic growth in under developed countries. The study reveal that entrepreneurial growth majorly depends upon the involvement of young individuals such as they have innovative ideas which ultimately lead to boost-up the entrepreneurial activities. So, this study investigate the relationship between the role of youth on entrepreneurship, impact of entrepreneurship on economic growth along with hurdles faced by youth in doing their own business. These all linkages are addressed by using ordered logit model as estimator. For the aim of research data collected from the young individuals through questionnaire in order to get the profound picture of their intention. Results reveal that entrepreneurship has great potential towards growth as long as participation of young individuals is there. Because, they have innovative ideas and potential to cope with tough situations in the market which eventually leads to economic growth. The ultimate goal of economic development can be attained by encouraging youth to participate themselves in entrepreneurship and provision of finances and removing hurdles which came in their way Supervisor:- Dr. Abdul Jalil

Meta Data

Keywords : Disposition, Entrepreneur, Youth of Pakistan
Supervisor: Abdul Jalil

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