Structural Equation Model for the Determinants of Child Malnutrition in Pakistan
Author: Shahnila Naz

The major objective of the study is to determine the inter consistency between determinant of child malnutrition in Pakistan by using structural equation model. The data for 3476 children under five years of age (0_59) months are taken from Pakistan Demographic and health survey 2012-13. The determinants of child malnutrition are interrelated and complex. The descriptive analyses show the different determinants affecting child malnutrition. Among them is child in rural Pakistan are more malnourished then in urban. If a child is twin he has more chance to be malnourished. Mother’s age at first birth shows a significant percent when a child is born to mother less than 18 years can be more malnourished. The structural equation model shows that maternal factors are directly and indirectly affecting child malnutrition. Maternal factors can affect through biological factors and then biological factors affect malnutrition so biological factor is playing a mediating role in child malnutrition. Environmental factors can affect indirectly through behavior and then behavior affect child malnutrition. But environmental factors are not directly affecting child malnutrition. Supervisor: Dr Ahsan ul Haq

Meta Data

Keywords : Child Malnutrition, Pakistan
Supervisor: Ahsan ul Haq Satti
Cosupervisor: Mahmood Khalid

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