State Of Public Service Delivery And Social Accountability: A Case Study Of Union Council “shah Allah Ditta” Islamabad
Author: Anees Majeed

Public service delivery is the key responsibility of state across a large spectrum of its population. The aim of this study is to investigate the state of public service delivery in Union Council Shah Allah Ditta, Islamabad, particularly the public education and transport as well as to explore how satisfied our the inhabitants from these services. The tools used to attain the objective were Citizen Report Card and Focus Group Discussion. The major findings of the study were that there were high concerns related to the distance of schools, availability, quality, and satisfaction of public education. With reference to the public transportation, it was in the solemn state – as it is not present in real sense. Majority of the people does have knowledge of their basic rights as citizens and significance of their voice. Majority of the people are ignorant of their rights and are in a fix as to whom to account for these poor services. Out of the four villages, two villages had a miserable level of education services and negligible public transport system. The other two villages were a in a better-off state due to their placement in the lap of the city. Otherwise, they would have the same state. It can be concluded that there is an austere issue of public service delivery in this Union Council. The findings are irksome and calls for immediate attention and action. The consequential theory of change from this study is that when general public become more sentient of their rights and duties, the social accountability can be plugged in that could provide the general public with a superior position to hold service providers or the state accountable for their outstanding negligence in the service delivery domain. It is high time, the service provides and local authorities must wake up and take concrete action against such pathetic state of service delivery in the villages of the capital. Supervisor:- Dr. G.M.Arif

Meta Data

Keywords : Citizen Report Card, Islamabad, Public Education, Public Service Delivery, Public Transport, Shah Allah Ditta, Social Accountability
Supervisor: Ghulam Muhammad Arif

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