Socio-Economic Impact of Patrind Dam on Local Community: A Case Study of Village Patrind (Muzaffarabad)
Author: Sajjad Majeed

History of construction of dams is dated back to five thousand years. The construction of dams is claimed to be necessary by the government, financing agencies and other stakeholders to meet energy needs as well as to reach development goals at national and regional levels. However, it is also evident that when a large project like construction of dams is initiated, there are great chances of disparity impacts of environmental changes as well as socio-economic statuses of the community surrounded. In the recent years, opposition to construction of dams has increased prominently. They claim that the adverse impacts of dam’s construction on the communities include health problems, social displacement, withdrawal of livelihoods and cultural isolation. One of such kind of development projects in Pakistan is Patrind Hydropower Project initiated and completed in the recent years. The project developers claim that the compensation process has been completed and affected community is compensated successfully. The study was aimed to explore the experiences of local community with the compensation process and to explore that to what level community is satisfied with the compensation process and what they believe the project caused social and economic impacts on their community. The major results found in the study were that the local community did not possess much knowledge about the project and were of the view that project has no benefit for the people of the area. As well as they view the project as the major cause of destruction of social, economic, cultural and political infrastructure of the local community. Moreover, the displacement caused by dam construction consequently lead to psychological and physical stress to the local community in their view. The asserted that they expected that the project would bring more livelihood opportunities as they were promised that new road would be built, electricity would2 be subsided, educational and health infrastructure would be developed but, no promise has been met yet by development agency and they feel very disappointed. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Keywords : Impact of Patrind Dam on Local Community, Muzaffarabad, Socio Economic, Village Patrind
Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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