Social Spending, Human Capital and Growth in Pakistan
Author: Ishfana Saddique

This study is based on the impact of social spending, human capital and growth. In this study main focus on the effects of social spending in social indicator and human capital on economic growth in the case of Pakistan using the time series data from the period of 1975 to 2017. Econometrics technique GMM is apply to finding the results. The estimation results show that there is a significant and positive impact of all the variables of social spending, human capital on growth in Pakistan. There is strong relationship between the variables. Policy recommended that government should focus on health and education capital to increase the economic growth of Pakistan. Supervisor:- Dr. Ahsan ul Haq

Meta Data

Keywords : Economic Growth, Generalized Method of Moment, Health Capital, Social Spending
Supervisor: Ahsan ul Haq Satti

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