Role of Medicinal Plants in Provision of Livelihood and Treatment Services: A Case Study of District Shangla Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Author: Haidar Ali

Medicinal plants are important for human being in term of livelihood and treatment services all over the world. This study has two dimension one for role of medicinal plants in provision of livelihood and treatment services while the second one is the factors that are affecting quantity collection of medicinal plants in district Shangla KPK. The study was based on primary data collected through semi-structured questioners from medicinal plants harvesters and local community of the district. The empirical analysis of the study was examined through descriptive statistics, ordinary least square, binary logistic and two-stage least square method. The result found that medicinal plants have a great potential to contribute in local community livelihood and health services. Although, factors deforestation, increasing temperature, decreasing rainfall and overgrazing (grazing of livestock) negatively affect quantity collection of medicinal plants. Thus, it is needed to sustain these flora for the betterment of local community livelihood and health services. Supervisor: Dr. Abedullah

Meta Data

Keywords : Conservation, Health treatment services, Livelihood, Medicinal plants
Supervisor: Abedullah Anjum

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