Remittances and its impact on agricultural productivity of Pakistan
Author: Mariam Afzal

Purpose of this research is to find a relationship between migration, remittances and agricultural productivity which is done by the application of New Economics of Labor Migration theory in context of Pakistan. The main objectives are to find out the effect of migration on agricultural productivity and weather the remittances received by the households are invested in agriculture or not. Cross- sectional household survey data from Pakistan Panel Household survey data (2010) has been analyzed by applying 3sls regression model. The results support New Economics of Labor Migration theory that explains that migration leads to labor shortage in agriculture, however, remittances compensate the loss occurred due to labor migration that improves productivity via investment in agriculture sector. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Agricultural, productivity of Pakistan, REMITTANCES
Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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