Regional Variations In Catastrophic Health Expenditure In Pakistan
Author: Ujala Shaban

This study finds the incidence of regional variations of Catastrophic Health Expenditures (CHE) in Pakistan. This study pools the experience of developing and developed countries around the globe. The study analyzed the association of different socioeconomic, demographic and health status characteristics of households on catastrophic health expenditure. A detailed analysis was done on the effects of these determinants on incidence of catastrophic health payments through bivariate analysis. Percentage of households incurring CHE due to different factors is found out. Then for further insight into these factors a multivariate analysis was done using logistic regression. One of the objectives of the study wasto find the differentials of catastrophic health expenditures across regions in Pakistan. Result showed that there is significant variation across the regions in Pakistan. Another objective of the study was to find out the major factors associated with catastrophic health care spending in Pakistan. Place of residence, agro-climatic zones and presence of elderly member in the household came out to be significant determinants of catastrophe in bivariate analysis. Other variables which effects the likelihood of CHE significantly according to our bivariate analysis include type of health facility utilized, expenditure quintile/living standard of the household and household size along with education of the head of household. Whereas in our multivariate analysis all these factors along with gender of the household and presence of child in the household were found to be significant. Supervisor:- Dr. G. M. Arif

Meta Data

Supervisor: Ghulam Muhammad Arif
Cosupervisor: Raja Ajmal Jahangeer

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